To become a Reseller:

A minimum order of 1 box of 12 x 800g Tubs per month is required.

To become a Wholesaler:

A minimum order of 25 kg bags per month is required.

 Would you like to earn an extra R2 500 a week?

The Opportunity

EZE Products is looking for agents/distributors throughout South Africa in various areas, suburbs and townships.

EZE Products creates opportunities for resellers who wish to earn a great income, with the income opportunity solely dependent on the amount of work the reseller puts into it.

We have resellers who sell in excess of 500 units per month; this generates profits of more than R6000 per month. These resellers have regular customers who continuously reorder from them, therefore the income stream continues without too much effort once it has been established.

What makes our EZE SWEET different? 

The biggest difference between EZE-SWEET and other sweeteners is that there is no aftertaste, EZE SWEET contains no aspartame and EZE SWEET can be used in cooking and baking instead of sugar. EZE SWEET, at our suggested retail price, is also much more affordable than other sweeteners you would find on the retailer shelves – cost per cup of tea compared.

About EZE Products

EZE Products is a family-owned business that has been operating since 2001. EZE Product’s marketing strategy is direct to consumer marketing strategy utilizing agents/resellers to sell EZE Products to friends, families and local communities at flea markets. With this strategy, EZE Products cannot only keep the price of products low to the consumer, but it also creates income-generating opportunities for people all around the country.

We Cater for

People, all around the country, who prefer sweeteners to sugar, use EZE SWEET. Whether it is for health reasons, better taste or just as an alternative to sugar – Your friends, family and colleagues at work, all use sweeteners on a daily basis, now you can merely switch them to EZE SWEET.

How does it work?

  1. All Resellers who want to get involved must apply with EZE Products for their specific territory/suburb/small town. This enables EZE Products to prevent competition between resellers within specific areas.
  2. Fill in the form below if you need additional information.
  3. Prospective resellers must complete the EZE Products reseller’s Agreement.
  4. EZE Products will review each application and make a decision about whether to award a territory or not, to the applicant.
  5. Resellers can then buy directly from EZE Products.
  6. EZE Products gives resellers a special “resellers discount”, which allows resellers up to 30% discount on the recommended selling price.

    Apply NOW below to become a Reseller!