A Meat Preparation for hunters, farmers, home processors and small butcheries.

Ideal for the treatment of game meat, beef, pork, duck meat and ostrich meat.


Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Prague Powder
Dextrose Monohydrate
Monosodium Glutamate
Sodium Erythorbate


35g or 35ml to every 1kg of meat


Salt meat and ensure even coverage.
Place in an airtight container below 15 degrees C and leave for 24h, turning at least once.
Leave for another 24h if all the salt did not turn to liquid, or when meat pieces exceed 8cm in thickness.

Q: My products are mouldy.
A: Mix 35g Eze Meat Prep with 500g melted fat from the same species and rub onto the meat. Find a place with dryer air and air movement. Any other oil can replace the melted fat.

Q: My thicker meat cuts are still soft after 14 days.
A: Vacuum pack the product again and freeze. The ice crystals will puncture muscle cells. Remove from freezer and hang again. In addition, the sheaths of surface muscles can be cut lengthwise with less than 1 mm depth incisions to allow moisture to escape. Use clean blades.

Q: My products have salt on the surface.
A: Cure for a longer period. To fix, vacuum pack and refrigerate for 24h. Then hang at room temp for 24h still inside the pack. Remove the pack and dry further.

Q: My products have a very dry surface.
A: Vacuum pack and refrigerate for 48h. Remove and use. Or dry again. Repeat this process until the product is perfect for your preference.