The soy-bean may seem like a tiny speck of nature, but it is actually a wondrous anti-ageing pill, packed with powerful antioxidants that can perform magic inside your cells.
Researchers say it may be the single most life-extending food known. Denham Harman, M.D., the father of the free radical theory of ageing, found that the soybean could interfere with free radical damage, which is at the heart of how fast you age.
Harman also pointed out that the amino acids in soybeans are less vulnerable to oxidation; thus, unlike animal protein, soybeans don’t spew scads of damaging free radicals throughout your body, mangling and ageing your cells. This may help explain why vegetarians enjoy a longer life and why the Japanese, who eat the most soybeans in the world – 30 times more than Americans – live longer than anyone.
I want to encourage you to enjoy your soy because it is a God-given, healthy food and it does not cost you an arm and a leg.
-Longevity Magazine, Dec 1995